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since 8/13/13
To promote and support national security under the provisions of the Constitution of the United States of America.

To foster and preserve the spirit, traditions and solidarity of the Field Artillery.

To promote close association, friendship, understanding and cooperation between all members of this Association.

To provide various communicative means for keeping all members actively involved in Association developments.

To support the preservation of equipment and memorabilia related to the activities of the Association.

To provide support to other military associations and military units, in strengthening the image of the military in the eyes of the public.

To enhance the public image of the Association and its purposes by participation in community patriotic events such as parades, displays and exhibitions.

To develop and maintain historical records on the lineage of New Jersey based Artillery units, in particular units of the 112th Field Artillery.

To provide assistance to Artillery units, and their successors, through advice concerning history, customs, traditions, esprit de corps and public affairs.

To provide support to community benevolent activities when deemed appropriate.

To develop and maintain an awards program providing recognition to members of the Association, the military community, both active and retired, and members of the population at large who have distinguished themselves in some act in consonance with the purposes of the Association.

To conduct such social activities as may provide for a close relationship and camaraderie among the membership.